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Shine a light

Employee recognition is about more than just feeling good. Boost morale to retain your best employees.

  • 78%
    of employees don’t feel recognized at work. 1 Source: IBM — The employee experience index
  • 80%
    of employees say they’d work harder if appreciated. 2 Source: Globoforce — The employee experience index

More than 20,000 teams love to Disco

Celebrating our employees helps us show them and Shipt’s customers that we care.

Bill Smith CEO & Founder, Shipt

Disco makes our employees feel more appreciated at work, which makes Lattice Engines a better place to work.

Matthew Mesher Director of Architecture, Lattice Engines

Disco drove company alignment against our core values, which helps us better serve OUR customers.

Megan McKeever VP of Finance, Spongecell

Build a culture of appreciation

  • Give recognition based on your company's values.

  • Display real-time feedback on web-enabled TVs and other monitors.

  • See your company's metrics on everyday wins and long-term trends.

  • Use Disco in Slack and Microsoft Teams, where work already happens.

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Give real-time feedback on the platforms you already use to get work done.

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