Learn to Disco

Disco runs
on stars!

Give ⭐️s to tell a teammate they did something helpful or impressive.

Giving stars is easy & fun

Give stars to teammates in channels when great work happens.
Everyone can add points by adding reactions, GIFS, and custom cards.
You can nominate teammates by answering fun, positive prompts.

Install Disco

Set your team up for success.

Get Started

Invite us to the party

Invite Disco to your team’s Slack workspace or add it on MS Teams.

Add Disco to channels

Type invite in DM to invite Disco to the channels your team uses most frequently. You can only give ⭐️s in channels that Disco belongs to.


Make Disco your own in Settings

Add your company values

Employees can tag values when they give ⭐️s. Which channels are showing the most Customer Love 😍? Who’s making the best Data Decisions 📈? Now you’ll know!

Set a default #stars channel

Disco forwards all recognition here so that #marketing can know the awesome stuff happening in #engineering, and vice versa.

Create custom appreciation words

In addition to ⭐️s, Disco will always recognize kudos, props, cheers, shoutout, and wins. Add your own: hat tip and great job are favorites.

Broadcast stars

Introduce Disco to your team

Pin praise directions

Type @disco help in your default #stars channel, then pin the instructions for giving ⭐️s. You can also pin your values or leaderboard links. Great for keeping them top of mind!

Stream to web-enabled TVs

Display real-time feedback on TVs running Chrome—sync your screens in two easy steps in Settings. Share ⭐️s, values, and leaderboards to offices around the world.

Bird’s eye view

See your data

Keep everyone in the loop on positive feedback

View all your data. Know the most active channels, who's giving and receiving the most recognition, and which company values employees tie to recognition.

Export data

You've viewed all your data…now what? Export the most useful information to a CSV file for use in your company culture reports, quarterly reviews, and all-hands meetings.

More fun stuff

Type these commands in a DM to @disco

A list of commands plus links to your preferences and other important Disco destinations.
Your company’s values.
A link to your team’s web feed, where you can see all public recognition.
Channels you can invite Disco to, with buttons to make it easy.
give stars
Award your teammates who do great things by nominating them in fun anonymous polls.
Top 10 with a link to the web leaderboard. View leaderboards by channel and filter by time.